2019/2020 Statment

Kesgrave High School has withdrawn from its role as the partner school in the leadership of the Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub. Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form remains the lead school for the hub.

All those involved in the work of the Maths Hub Programme are grateful to Kesgrave for the contribution it has made since 2014. The staff at Kesgrave, and those who have worked alongside Kesgrave, have contributed significantly to the hub’s work. They have made a difference to the professional development of maths teachers across the region, and contributed positively to pupils’ experiences of learning maths.

Kesgrave will continue its role in completing the Network Collaborative Projects undertaken by the Maths Hub for 2018/19. The new hub leadership will focus on the recruitment to, and quality of, the projects planned for 2019/20.

To facilitate effective communication with the hub, a new single email address (mathshub@isaacnewtonsixthform.co.uk) will replace the email addresses previously used by the split site hub leadership. This will be operational by May 7th, 2019 and all communication with the hub should use this email address as the primary point of contact from this date.

From Monday 3 June 2019, there will be small changes to the boundaries of some of the Maths Hubs across England. The Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub will be involved in this changing of boundaries and anyone whose hub work or participation may be affected will be notified in due course. Further details about the changes, and any implications it has for those working with the hub, will be shared shortly.


The Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub is part of a national network of Maths Hubs. These hubs work together in the National Maths Hub programme.  The hub is led by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form (Norwich, Norfolk) and Kesgrave High School (Ipswich, Suffolk).

The geographical area we cover is Norfolk and Suffolk and this includes the opportunity areas of Norwich and Ipswich.

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